Picgl is a FREEWARE image viewer/manager for Windows powered by OpenGL.

Picgl is a graphic viewer with an image controlling function of the free software in which a thumbnail display is possible. Goal is offer of the comfortable inspection environment of digital camera images.

A caption can be attached to an image, or two or more keywords can be added and can be searched. File operations, such as a copy, move, and renaming, are possible.

Here are some key features of "Picgl":

Supported formats
�· CxImage The correspondence formats to depend: JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TARGA, PCX
�· Susie plug-ins (only in x86 version).

�· The view which met at the photography time which disregarded the folder constitution (FreeView)
�· It is a respectively free location about thumbnails each.
�· Arrange by bulk and inclination (FreeView).
�· The view of the order of a file name divided for every folder (DirectoryView)
�· The view which searches an image with a similar color rank (ColorOrderView)
�· Sorting is available in order, such as color tone of image, resemblance of composition, photographing time, number of times of inspection, evaluation, pixel number, file size, aspect ratio, and format.
�· EXIF Showing of information is available.

�· Easy caption input from a keyword, a caption, a file name, and a folder name
�· Easy keyword input (graphical keyword addition function)
�· JPEG comment marker, mutual conversion and tag input of a keyword, and retrieval (FreeView)
�· Search from a calender (FreeView)
�· Search from a color tone (the order view of a similar color) -> exploitation to duplication enquiry is possible.

�· Automatic slide view
�· 12 kinds of transition effects
�· The high-speed display by prediction

�· The copy of an image file, displacement, renaming, creation of suppression and a folder, renaming
�· OLE drag and drap

Image processing
�· Format conversion and resizing
�· Noise reduction (repair), unsharp mask processing
�· Brightness, contrast, gamma, color temperature, and saturation, etc. can be adjusted while seeing the histogram

�· OpenGL Used image display
�· Always adjust thumbnail size automatically so that the pixel on the limited screen may be used as effectively as possible.


�· The big thing of the texture transfer capacity of a video card and VRAM is especially suitable.
�· However high-speed CPU may be, if texture transfer capacity is low, the performance of this program will worsen.
�· At least 1024x768x32bit VRAM64MBytes screen

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